Ubud Retreat with Temple Yoga Retreats

Ubud Retreat with Temple Yoga Retreats

On the first week of August, i embarked on a yoga retreat to the beautiful Ubud (the spiritual centre of Bali) with Brodie and Lisa from Temple Yoga Retreats. To say i had a great and relaxing time is an understatement!

Brodie (L) & Lisa (R) of Temple Yoga Retreats

rice paddies.jpg

We stayed at the 5 star Villa Tanah Shanti which was just a dream! To get to the villa requires a quick trot on a little path through a handful of rice paddies (Pictured above). I loved this little trip to and from the villa as i got to watch the fields being planted and grow over the week i was there. As we got to the villa we were greeted by a wooden door with an intricately carved Ganesh.

door ganesh
Front door Ganesh

The rooms were luxurious, the infinity pool blew my mind and the staff were so very lovely! I should also mention the villa has it’s own open air yoga shala overlooking the pool as well as a day spa – you don’t really need to leave the villa if you don’t want to!

infinity pool

Our cosy little group of 10 (8 retreatees and 2 facilitators) quickly settled into a routine of yoga with Brodie before a breakfast of fresh fruit, coconut yogurt & granola (both the yogurt and granola were made fresh at the villa!).

Followed by an Insight and Inspire session with Lisa. Then we were off on various activities during the day before meeting back at the villa for a delicious dinner made by Alchemy –  they serve raw, vegan food that even a non vego such as myself can get behind! We would end out day with a meditation session before retiring to bed.

Balanese dancers
One evening in the comfort of our villa we had these gorgeous young Balinese dancers come and do a few traditional dances for us!  

There are so many wonders to see and find through Ubud, it’s so lush and green and instils a sense of wonder!

Just a couple of activities i did was biking riding through the forest and rice paddies and paying a visit to the monkey forest! I managed to pack my days full of adventures – between massages, facials and mani pedis of course!

I’m already planning my next retreat with the Temple Yoga Retreats crew in Byron in October! (seriously that’s how good their retreats are!) . I’m also keeping my eyes peeled for when they release the dates for their next Ubud retreat – I’m so down for that!!

If you’d like to check out some of my other photos from my trip you can catch them on my Instagram account – the long haired yogi.

One last photo of the adorable little kitty that lives at the villa – her name is Shanti.


And an ending more appropriate than ever – Shanti Out!

❤ Sammy ❤



I stumbled over a fascinating article that discussed a Japanese Doctor’s research into the health of his patients in relation to their ‘Ikigai’.

Ikigai is a Japanese work that can be loosely translated to ‘purpose of life’ or ‘reason to get up in the morning’.

This doctor found that the patients who were more in touch with their Ikigai were more likely to lead healthy lives and if they did get sick/injured they would recover quicker than those who weren’t in touch with their Ikigai.

This made me think about myself and my own experiences. I went through quite a few years where I would get sick all the time, and would recover from something just to get something else. Then about 2 years ago I developed a regular yoga practice and started working towards what I now know is the general direction of my ikigai.

I am a yoga teacher and masseuse, among other things. I’m saving towards a house where I’ll have the space to hold small yoga classes and 1 on 1 sessions. I’m delving into the spiritual side of myself and exploring and expanding who I am as a person.

My overall health since I started out on this path has been a vast improvement! I’m certainly happier, both mentally and physically.

Have you found your Ikigai? Leave me a quick comment below if you have!

Shanti Out!

🕉❤ Sammy ❤🕉

Beer Yoga

Beer Yoga

It’s been a while since I posted, I’ve been a very busy little bug, Up-skilling and sorting out my life! How very adult of me! 

One of those things has been the commencement of teaching a regular yoga class – Beer yoga that is! 

I see I’ve piqued your interest! Now my friends, it’s not a ‘do yoga then drink beer’ thing. It’s very mindfully drinking beer WHILE we do yoga. People in Germany and the USA have been onto this for a while now. 

We started this up at The Brat Cave in October 2016. They came to me with this brilliant opportunity and I’ve loved every minute of it! 

Classes are held every Monday night (no more Mondayitis!) at 6.30pm. Cost is $10 and that includes 1 hr of yoga and a beer to enjoy while you do it! That’s a pretty great deal if you ask me!! 

We always start with beer meditation, warming up the spine then a gentle flow (in which you are directed to take sips at particular poses). 

The point of beer Yoga is to introduce people who wouldnt normally try yoga but really need it to the ancient practices as well as getting people to really enjoying and mindfully drinking their beer – hoping they may take this away into their regular life. 

Flower Crown Workshop

Flower Crown Workshop

This afternoon i attended an absolutely gorgeous flower crown workshop at The White Bungalow.

The White Bungalow is a florist and homeware shop. Some of their products are just stunning – i think i’ll be making a trip back on my next pay day!

We were greeted on arrival with a glass of bubbles and a huge platter of various cheeses & fruits. There were also beautiful cupcakes that looked like roses!


We each had a setting at the table with our names on the packet of utensils we would use to create our magnificent pieces.


The ladies were all really lovely and helpful, patiently showing us how to go about meaking our flower crowns. The blooms on offer to make our headwear were stunning! Roses, carnations, crysanthemums and a few other bits of greenery filled the table


The White Bungalow is located in Nundah Village and is just 5 minutes walk from Nundah train station. I would highly recommend this workshop for birthdays and bridal parties. It’s close enough to the city to go out for dinner, drinks and dancing afterwards in your new flower crowns! They’re too lovely not to show off!

One very happy flower fairy! 

Here are the links to find them! – WebsiteFacebook & Instagram

Over and out for now

Sammy xxx

Children’s yoga therapy

Children’s yoga therapy

This weekend just gone i was privileged to attend an absolutely amazing course for children’s yoga therapy.

The course was facilitated by Stacey Nelson (Yoga Palette) who is a wealth of knowledge! Stacey has been teaching children for 20 years and has touched the lives of many through work in classrooms, mental health & hospital wards, fitness & dance classes and also television (In The Box). She has such a passion for teaching the younger generation and her enthusiasm is contagious!

belly breathing

Here we are learning how to ‘belly breath’, the idea is to place a toy on a child’s stomach and get them to breath deep enough for the toy to rise and fall. This can help calm the nervous system. My little toy (far left) was a whale, i dubbed him Wally whale (i might have gotten quite attached to Wally :P) All these cute little critters can be purchased from Hart Sport – you know, in case like me, you want your own set of adorable animals.

hand massage

One of my favourite sections from the course was when we paired up to give each other hand massages! Massages are very therapeutic, you won’t find many people knock back a hand massage especially after a yoga session.

pom pom soccer

One of the most fun activities we learnt was ‘soccer breath’, at points i was laughing so hard that i wasn’t able to blow through the straw to defend my goal! The idea with this one is to encourage children to use their breath to help strengthen their lungs and engages their mind and who doesn’t benefit from a good old laugh!

These were just a few of the many techniques we learnt through the course, i really can’t wait to implement them in my classes! Some of the course content could be applied to adult classes as well as children classes so i’ll have a few tricks up my sleeve for my ladies in my Tuesday night class!! 🙂

Over and out for now

Sammy xxxooo

Wanderlust 108

My weekend was so packed and full on that i just haven’t gotten around to writing up this week’s blog!


My Saturday was full of all things Wanderlust for Wanderlust 108 Brisbane. It’s the world’s only mindful triathlon. 5km (+/-) run/walk, 75min yoga session and half hour of meditation.

There were also side activities available like acro yoga, hooping, slack lining and a few other bits and pieces.


The yoga flow this year was held by Boys of yoga. It was a fun and dynamic practice that encouraged crowd participation. Boys of yoga is a project that was created in 2015 to help break the stereotype and misconceptions of guys who yoga.

Jonni Pollard, co founder of 1 giant mind led us through the meditation. They have this brilliant app (which is free to try), its available for both Apple & Android. I already have a steady practice but I still liked using this app to mix things up a bit.


In all it was a brilliant day and I had a lot of fun and laughs!

Over and out for now.

Sammy xxx

Little yogies

Little yogies

Over the weekend I had the pleasure of teaching a beautiful children’s yoga class. We managed about 20 mins before attention was lost and I think that’s pretty good for my first go!


These are my super cute god children and they had been requesting for me to come do yoga with them. For the oldest 2 I bought them their own mats for their birthdays, there were squeals of delight followed by ‘Mum! Mum! Look!! Now I can do yoga just like Aunty Sammy!!’


I’m going to have to put together a few more session plans to test on them. Maybe try a few games we were taught in our teacher training.


I’ve also recently put in an order for a Meddy Teddy – the yoga and mindfulness beer. Meddy is 100% posable and I’m super excited to introduce him to the kids when he arrives!
If you’d like to have a look and maybe get a Meddy for yourself you can check out the website www.meddyteddy.com or have a scroll through his Instagram meddyteddy (thats where I first found Meddy). I’ll post a review once Meddy arrives and I’ve had a chance to introduce him in class.

Over and out for now

Sammy xxx